How The Smart Firearm Protects Us All

User Verification


All Smart Firearms will remain dormant and inoperable until it's picked up. Once picked up, it will require both finger print verification and facial recognition verification or it will remain inoperable. Just like a cell phone. 

Real-Time GPS At All Times


Whether or not the Smart Firearm is dormant or activated, it is equipped with real-time GPS technology so that the weapon's geographical location is always known and discoverable. Yes, the Smart Firearm will require an internal battery that will need to be charged. Just like a cell phone.

Built In Logic


The Smart Firearms' internal memory will understand where it is at all times, the only individual that is allowed to use it, where it can be used, and finally, where it can't ever be used such as a school. This is unless it's authorized owner/operator, happens to be a security guard or a police officer.

Permission Based Firing


The GPS data will feed into a circuit board that will store allowed usage rules. First, user verification must be passed. Second, approved Smart Firearm geographical location, must pass the test. If all the variables are in check, the Smart Firearm can be operable. 

The Old Dumb Gun


The old Dumb Guns, use a firing pin to strike ammunition and fire it. That's why it's dumb. Anyone can operate it at anytime and anywhere. That's the problem. They aren't capable of electronically understanding gun laws.

The New Smart Firearm


A Smart Firearm will use an electrical charge to fire a round of ammunition. Without this electrical charge, the ammunition is inoperable. Similar to a cell phone that powers a camera flash when one takes a picture. It's that simple.

The Right Compromise



Democrats are awesome and they want new, and better, gun laws!



 Republicans are awesome and they want new, and better, gun laws! 

Healthy Teamwork


We all want to put a stop to school shootings and all other forms of mass shootings. We also all want less shooting accidents.

We Are A Nation Of Laws


We already have the laws in place and they simply need to be programmed into a device that can understand them and be bound by them.

Weapons Manufacturers


They will need to abandon the old firing pin and replace with and electric charge and ammunition that requires that electric charge.

Current Firearms On The Street


Our lawmakers simply need to allow a grace period whereby all current firearms can be brought in and retro-fit with Smart Firearm technology. After this grace period, then older firearms should be destroyed when found until they are all gone. Perhaps, for free, individuals can bring in their old gun and simply exchange it for a brand new, like, Smart Firearm.

A Semi-Short Wrap Up

I think we can all agree, regardless of our political affiliation, that we are tired of turning on the news and hearing that there has been a school shooting or another police officer shot. I also believe that gun owner's would love to understand that no one could take their firearm and use it to hurt someone or to be picked up by their child perhaps. This is how a terrible tragedy could happen that could not be changed. I can't get away from the fact that if a cell phone can be disabled, then how can we as a society not build that same functionality into a device that can kill another human being. If you think about it, the laws actually already exist. I am a lawful gun owner myself. I am the only person that owns it and the only lawful person that is allowed to use it. My child certainly can't. My gun is not allowed into certain places such as a school, hospital, or church. So, it should not have the opportunity to be operable at any of those places. All these laws can easily be programmed into a Smart Firearm's memory. Of course, there are some trade offs here. I now have to keep my gun charged just like I have to keep my cell phone charged. But then again, I won't have to have a gun safe any longer. I won't have to keep my ammunition outside of my gun any longer. If someone broke into my home, I don't have to remember the code or the combination to my safe. I simply have to reach over and grab my gun. More importantly, I wouldn't ever have to worry about my gun being found or operated by a curious child. Finally, I would not have to worry about my gun being used to kill another human being, unless, God forbid, it was by me or for the reason of self defense or in the defense of someone else around me. In closing, this might not be the perfect solution, but I believe it's a really good start.

Imagine The Possibilities With A Smart Firearm


Safe Zones

Safe zones are, and of course will continue to determined by  the authorities. They certainly include hospitals, churches, government buildings etc... But let us also consider other possibilities. How about your home, where your family sleeps? How nice would that be? How nice would it be to go to bed every night knowing that if a burglar chose to break into your home that their weapon would be rendered inoperable because of its location however yours would work just fine. Talk about bringing a knife to a gunfight. I dare say that your family would feel pretty safe! I believe that the result would be less burglaries. How about big public gatherings such as concerts. Since Smart Firearms have real time communications, the safe zones would be editable by law enforcement. The authorities could simply decide to protect a big outdoor concert area between 4:00 PM and 12:00 AM. How great would that be? That would have saved a lot of peoples lives in Vegas not to long ago.


Your Rights And Privacy Are In Place

Anyone will be free, that passes the background checks, to buy and use as many Smart Firearms as they want subject to current and future laws. Their purchased Smart Firearm will simply be bound by current and future laws regarding, when, where, and by whom it can be used. Again, because of the Smart Firearm's memory board, real-time communications capabilities, GPS technology, facial recognition, and finger print verification, all current and future laws pertaining to firearm use, can be programmed and updated into the firearm's memory. For those that say that a National registry of gun owners would be required, no, that is not the case. My cell phone has internal logic controls that recognize my thumbprint and facial features and it's not interfaced with any National database. It doesn't need to be, neither will a Smart Firearm.

Let's Improve Gun Control Laws