Common Sense Changes

Can't Be Activated


 All Smart Firearms  will remain dormant and inoperable until it's picked up. Once picked up, it will require both finger print verification and facial recognition verification or it will remain inoperable. Just like a cell phone.  

Ending School Shootings


Smart Firearms will also have real time GPS that will disable any Smart Firearm that happens to find its way near a school. Youth that need counseling and professional help will not be able to bring firearms that work into their schools. They won't bring them anyway because they know they can't be fired at a school. 

Safe Protected Areas


Safe areas will not be limited to schools. They shall also include, hospitals, government buildings etc... If a Smart Firearm ever finds its way into a safe area, the firearm will disable itself and will not be able to be fired. Security guards and police firearms will work but not Smart Firearms without permission.

Kids Biggest Concern


Now a child's biggest concern will be what's in their lunchbox. Just like it should be.

Kids Feeling Safe


So let us get this straight, the security guards' gun will  work, the police officers' gun will work, & no other guns will work at school. Yeah! The way it should be.

Police Officers Will Be Safe


When police officers approach a car from now on, they can disable any Smart Firearm that could be in the car before they ever walk up to it. Police do not need to worry about being shot on a traffic stop!


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